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When it comes to choosing a web service provider, choosing Cybril is a smart decision for your website and your bottom line. From affordable, customisable and user-friendly content solutions to full-scale database development and e-commerce solutions, Cybril brings together outstanding customer service with dedication and results that are second to none.

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E-Commerce- Shopping Carts, Payment Processing, Credit Cards, Shipping and Package Tracking (we are Certified PayPal, and Securepay Developers and have integrated Stripe many times).

Shipping - Take control of your online shipping and package tracking with popular third-party service API's such as FEDEX, UPS and USPS integrated into your website.

Memberships - Manage your members with a complete membership system built just for you.

Security - Keep your site secure from hackers, credit card thieves, spammers and more with the latest techniques used in your website.

Contact Us - Get a free quote for your programming project - all project sizes accepted.

Programming Languages and Specialisations

AJAX/jQuery – Using AJAX and jQuery on your pages helps increase interactivity and the dynamic display of information without having to reload the page or interrupt the user’s browsing session. AJAX/jQuery helps reduce costs and makes better use of your existing website information by presenting it in a way that’s fast and efficient for your users.

ASP/ASP.Net (VB.Net or C#) – ASP.Net is a web server programming language that separates design and programming so that designers and programmers alike can focus on their areas of expertise. ASP.Net is used in numerous web applications, including storing information from a form submission, maintaining multiple users and requests for web pages (such as on a discussion forum) and many more uses that make it a flexible choice for many online businesses.

HTML/HTML5/CSS/CSS3 – These core languages are the basis for many web pages online today. Many cosmetic updates can be applied to your web page or web application using these languages. Their most popular uses include graphical user interfaces such as navigation menus as well as dynamic displays of dates, times and other page effects.

Javascript – Javascript can do a wide variety of things from creating mouseover graphics to providing different pages depending on which button is clicked. This versatile language takes care of things on the “client side” – that is, without needing to send information to the server and force the visitor to wait for the response. It’s a highly efficient programming language that gives you a wide variety of possibilities for adding a dynamic touch to your pages.

PHP/MySQL – PHP and MySQL are often used together on a wide variety of servers including Linux, Unix, Windows and Mac. Its open-source availability and customization has made PHP more supported for everything from application development to web-based forms and interactivity. It is, by far, the most popular scripting language on the web. Rapid development and deployment, ease of use and versatility make PHP a terrific choice for performance-driven applications.

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